Figiúra Radiant Curve Bra

Brazil Nut
$95.00 CAD

The RadiantCurve Bra features our innovative deep, custom-molded, thin memory foam flex cups, meticulously designed for projected breasts. This bra provides a flattering fit that embraces your shape without constriction, delivering exceptional support. The Power Mesh supportive neckline enhances breathability and comfort, making it perfect for all-day wear. A flexible, bonded neckline without seams and stitching ensures an irritation-free experience, allowing the fabric to lay flat against your skin, conform to your curves, and minimize bounce. Experience unparalleled support and a smooth silhouette, empowering you to feel confident and radiant in any outfit

Experience unparalleled support and a smooth silhouette, empowering you to feel confident and radiant in any outfit.


Features and Benefits

Ultra-Thin Custom Molded Deep Flex Cups.  Lightly lined, seamless deeper molded cups that conform to your shape, providing unparalleled comfort, support, and a true-to-form fit. Perfectly accommodates the additional forward projection of augmented breasts.

Revolution Form J-Frame™.  Bulk-free tailored inner support system comprised of  a semi-stretch weightless platform designed to cradle and uplift. Integrated with a supportive side panel designed to maintain the bust position as centered and forward facing, preventing lateral implant (east to west) movement."

Ease Into It™ Front Closure.  Combines the adjustability of back closures with the comfort of front closures, offering optimal support and convenience. An "Anti-Irritation Fabric Barrier" ensures maximum comfort.

Light Cushioned Comfort Straps. Designed to stay up all day, providing ultimate fit and comfort.

Beyond Suave™ High Shine Fabric. Engineered for the softest, most breathable, and irritation-free feel. Adds a touch of sophistication to your daily life.

Lightweight and Innovative Memory Underwire.  A shorter underwire works harmoniously with implants, moving fluidly while providing the necessary support. Ensures a pain-free experience, accommodating your unique contours.

Your old bras can help those in need—please donate! Rather than throwing away your gently worn bras, consider donating them to local Women's Shelters, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or organizations like The Bra Recyclers and I Support the Girls.

Always consult with your surgeon to ensure full healing before hoping out of compression garment and wearing traditional styled bras.

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