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Empowering Women with Augmented Breasts. Comfort, Support, and Style


At Figuíra, our mission is to empower women with augmented breasts by redefining the standards of comfort, support, and elegance in lingerie. We are dedicated to creating bras that not only fit flawlessly but also enhance the confidence and beauty of every woman who wears them. Through innovative design, luxurious fabrics, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of augmented breasts, we strive to revolutionize the bra industry.

Our commitment is to ensure that every woman feels celebrated, comfortable, and empowered to embrace her individuality and live boldly with grace and confidence.

Our Story

Figiúra's journey began with a personal quest for comfort and style in a world where traditional bras failed to meet the needs of women with augmented breasts. After the birth of my third child, I faced severe postpartum depression, which unexpectedly became a catalyst for profound personal growth. During this transformative period, I encountered a persistent frustration – finding a bra that fit comfortably and looked good after my breast augmentation.

Fifteen years post-augmentation and a restoration following the birth of my second child left me with an overwhelming collection of bras, from department store brands to high-end luxury lines. Yet, none seemed to fit right. Cups were too shallow, nipples popped out, and implants were often pushed uncomfortably high. The cups would wrinkle, wires dug into my ribs, and nothing suited my round, forward-projected breasts.

Realizing I wasn't alone, I began talking to friends and acquaintances who had undergone similar procedures. Whether for post-breastfeeding restoration, following a mastectomy, or personal cosmetic reasons, many shared my frustrations. This led to a broader data collection effort through platforms like Quora and Reddit. The feedback was overwhelming – women with breast implants frequently faced similar issues and were often resigned to sports bras, poorly fitting bralettes, or no bras at all. While European brands offered some solutions, their multi-seamed cups weren't ideal for everyday wear.

My research highlighted three key differences between augmented and natural breasts: a rounder shape with a narrower breast root, greater forward projection, and a firmer texture with less malleability. With this knowledge, I hired a market researcher who confirmed a gap in the market – there were no fashionable, ergonomically designed bras for women post-healing. Brands serving breast cancer thrivers and those offering post-surgical compression garments existed, but nothing addressed the needs of women ready for stylish, functional bras.

From this need, Figiúra™ was born. Currently patent-pending, Figiúra’s designs are tailored to the unique curvature of augmented breasts. We tackled issues like shallow cups, rigid wires, and bulky foam padding, creating bras that provide the perfect balance of comfort, aesthetics, and function. Our goal is not just to participate in the market but to disrupt it, offering a long-overdue solution.

At Figiúra™, we are dedicated to empowering women with augmented breasts, ensuring they no longer have to compromise on fit or style. We aim to revolutionize the bra industry, providing the perfect fit for every woman. Figiúra™ is more than a brand; it's a movement towards comfort, confidence, and empowerment for women with augmented breasts. Welcome to a new era of bras designed with you in mind.

Ergonomically Designed for Augmented Breasts

Our bras are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique shape and needs of augmented breasts. By focusing on a design that provides enhanced support and comfort, we ensure that the bra contours naturally to your body. This ergonomic approach helps in maintaining proper posture and reducing strain on the shoulders and back. It also enhances the overall fit, allowing you to move confidently and comfortably throughout the day.

Ultra-Thin Deep Custom Molded Flex Cups

Our lightly lined, deep, and seamless molded cups flex to your shape, providing unparalleled comfort, support, and a true-to-form fit. Designed specifically to accommodate the additional forward projection of augmented breasts, these cups ensure a smooth and natural appearance under any outfit. The ultra-thin material ensures that the bra feels lightweight and breathable, reducing any feeling of bulkiness. This design enhances the overall aesthetics, making sure your bra complements your silhouette perfectly.

Revolution Form J-Frame™

This bulk-free tailored inner support system consists of a semi-stretch weightless platform built to seamlessly mimic the bottom edge of the breast. It cradles and uplifts, integrating a supportive side panel to maintain the bust's centered and forward-facing position, preventing lateral movement. The J-Frame™ design ensures that the bra provides excellent support without adding extra bulk, making it ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions. This innovation helps in keeping the implants in place, ensuring long-term comfort and support.

Beyond Suave™ High Shine Fabric

Engineered for the softest, most breathable, and irritation-free feel, our fabric adds sophistication to your daily life. It features innovative stretch fit technology that customizes to your unique shape after a few wears, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The high-shine finish adds a touch of elegance, making you feel luxurious and confident. This fabric not only looks good but also performs exceptionally well, providing the ultimate blend of style and comfort.

Lightweight and Innovative Memory Underwire

Our shorter underwire works harmoniously with implants, moving fluidly with you while providing the necessary support. Unlike traditional rigid wires, our design accommodates your unique contours, ensuring a pain-free experience. This innovative underwire ensures that the bra provides ample support without causing discomfort or digging into your skin. The memory aspect of the wire adapts to your body over time, making it feel like a custom-fit piece.

Wider Center Gore

Designed with a slightly wider center panel, our bras sit comfortably against your sternum, preventing any discomfort or squishing of your implants. This design ensures that the breast implants do not become displaced and that the implant pocket does not expand. The wider gore provides better separation and stability, enhancing the overall fit and appearance. This thoughtful design element contributes to the bra's overall comfort and functionality.

Light Cushioned Comfort Straps

Designed to stay up all day, these straps provide ultimate fit and comfort, preventing digging and slipping. The light cushioning ensures that the straps do not cause any shoulder strain, even after prolonged wear. Adjustable for a personalized fit, these straps enhance the overall support of the bra. They are designed to distribute weight evenly, preventing any discomfort or pressure points.

Ease Into It™ Front Closure

Combining the adjustability of back closures with the comfort of front closures, this feature offers optimal support and convenience. An "Anti-Irritation Fabric Barrier" ensures maximum comfort, making it easier to wear your bra all day. This design allows for easy on and off, which is especially beneficial during the recovery period post-augmentation. The front closure also ensures a smooth back profile, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

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