Meg's Story

Embracing Comfort and Confidence

A Quest for Confidence

My decision to undergo breast augmentation was driven by a desire to feel more comfortable and confident in my skin. The procedure promised a renewed sense of self, but I soon faced an unexpected challenge: finding a bra that fit properly and felt comfortable.

The Search for the Right Fit

After my augmentation, I discovered that traditional bras were not designed with my new shape in mind. My breasts sat higher due to the augmentation, making most bras incredibly uncomfortable. The underwires dug into my skin, and the cups never seemed to fit right. I often found myself either going without a bra or resorting to sports bras, as they were the only type of bras, I could tolerate for more than an hour.

This limited my wardrobe choices and affected my confidence.

Discovering Figiúra

Everything changed when I discovered Figiúra. For the first time, I found bras that offered the perfect blend of comfort and support. Figiúra bras are designed to accommodate the unique needs of women with augmented breasts, providing a fit that feels as though it was custom-made for me. Wearing a Figiúra bra, I no longer must choose between comfort and style.

I can wear any type of clothing with confidence, knowing that I am fully supported by a beautiful and comfortable bra.