Erin's Story

Triumph Over Adversity and Finding Comfort

A Journey Through Breast Cancer

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my world turned upside down. After discussing my options with my doctor, I decided that the best way to avoid recurrence was to undergo a double mastectomy. This decision was not easy, but I trusted my doctor's advice and took the leap. The surgery marked the beginning of a challenging recovery journey, one that tested my resilience and strength.

The Search for the Right Fit

Post-surgery, I faced an unexpected and frustrating challenge – finding a bra that fit my new shape comfortably. My new reality meant that my body had changed, and none of my previous bras were suitable anymore. I tried numerous brands and styles, but traditional bras either didn’t fit right or caused significant pain. The underwires would dig into my skin, and the cups never seemed to accommodate my new shape. This constant discomfort led me to resort to wearing sports bras most of the time. While sports bras provided some relief, they also limited my outfit choices and made me feel less confident in my appearance. The search for a bra that offered both comfort and style felt like a never-ending quest.

Discovering Figiúra

My breakthrough came when I discovered Figiúra. From the first moment I tried on a Figiúra bra, I felt a sense of relief and comfort that had been missing since my surgery. Figiúra represents more than just a brand to me; it embodies a company that genuinely understands and prioritizes women’s needs. Their bras are designed with care and attention to the unique challenges faced by women with augmented breasts. Wearing a Figiúra bra, I finally experienced the separation and proper fit that I desperately needed. The design prevents the discomfort of my breasts being squished together and provides the support that has transformed my daily comfort.