Reconstruction and Recovery

Bras for Women Disfigured by Accidents

Accidents that lead to breast disfigurement can be traumatic and life-altering. However, reconstructive surgery offers hope and a path to recovery, helping women regain their confidence and sense of normalcy. An essential part of this journey is finding the right bras that provide support, comfort, and aesthetic appeal post-augmentation healing. This guide will help you navigate the process of selecting the perfect bras during and after recovery.

After reconstructive surgery, your breasts will need time to heal. During this period, they require specialized support to minimize swelling, reduce movement, and promote proper healing. Surgeons often recommend wearing surgical bras or compression garments immediately following surgery.

Post-surgery, the skin and tissue around the breast and incision can be highly sensitive. Choosing bras made from soft, breathable fabrics is crucial to prevent irritation and ensure comfort during the healing process.

As you transition from surgical bras to regular bras, it’s essential to remeasure yourself post-augmentation. Measuring your breasts with implants differs from measuring breasts with natural tissue. Figiúra’s Fit Metrics provide a detailed guide to help you find your perfect fit.

When selecting bras post-reconstruction healing, Figiúra provides the following features to enhance support and tailored comfort:

  1. Revolution Form J-Frame™. Bulk-free tailored inner support system comprised of a semi-stretch weightless platform built to seamlessly mimic the breast's narrow root, working alongside the innovative flexible underwire channel cradle to lift the bust. Integrated with a supportive side panel designed to maintain the bust's position as centered and forward-facing, preventing lateral (east to west) movement.
  2. Ultra-Thin Custom Molded Flex Cups. Lightly lined, seamless, deep molded cups that flex to your shape, providing unparalleled comfort, support, and a true-to-form fit. Truly understanding the semi-spherical shape and additional forward projection presented with augmented breasts.
  3. Ease Into It™ Front Closure. Combining the adjustability of back closures with the comfort of front closures, offering optimal support and convenience. An "Anti-Irritation Fabric Barrier" ensures maximum comfort.
  4. Light Cushioned Comfort Straps. Designed to stay up all day, providing ultimate fit and comfort.
  5. Beyond Suave™ High Shine Fabric. Engineered for the softest, most breathable, and irritation-free feel, our fabric stretches to your unique shape and adds a touch of sophistication to your daily life.
  6. Lightweight and Innovative Memory Underwire. Shorter, flexible underwire that works harmoniously with your implants, moving fluidly with you while providing the support needed, ensuring a pain-free experience. Unlike traditional rigid wires, our design accommodates your unique contours.

If you engage in physical activities, investing in high-quality sports bras is crucial. Choose bras with strong support and compression to minimize movement during exercise. Features like moisture-wicking fabrics and adjustable straps enhance comfort and functionality. Stay tuned for Figiúra’s highly anticipated high-impact sports bra.

Reconstructive surgery is a significant step towards reclaiming your body and confidence. Embrace the changes and celebrate the strength and resilience that have brought you this far. Surround yourself with supportive friends, family, and communities who uplift and encourage you. Consider seeking professional support from counselors or support groups to navigate the emotional aspects of recovery. Sharing your experiences and hearing from others who have gone through similar journeys can be incredibly empowering and comforting.

Figiúra remains dedicated to providing superior, inclusive solutions. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, pushing the boundaries of innovation and celebrating every woman's unique story.