Figiúra Full Embrace Brief

Brazil Nut
$30.00 CAD

Experience ultimate comfort and elegance with the Full Embrace Brief. 

Featuring a delicate and breathable mesh back, this panty adds a touch of sophistication while providing a flawless fit. 

Perfect for everyday wear, it combines style and functionality in one essential piece.

Features and Benefits

Beyond Suave™ Fabric.  Our signature fabric embraces every curve, ensuring all-day comfort with a second-skin feel.

Breathable Mesh Back.  The delicate mesh back adds a touch of elegance and ensures breathability, keeping you comfortable and stylish.

Perfect Fit. The soft, stretchy fabric molds to your body, providing a flawless fit without any digging or discomfort.

Breathable Gusset . The gusset is lined with 100% breathable cotton, enhancing comfort and freshness throughout the day.

Your old bras can help those in need—please donate! Rather than throwing away your gently worn bras, consider donating them to local Women's Shelters, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or organizations like The Bra Recyclers and I Support the Girls.

Always consult with your surgeon to ensure full healing before hoping out of compression garment and wearing traditional styled bras.

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